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"Bhramari” is a sister concern of Sri “Kateel Wood Creations”, which specializes in Modular Kitchens & Interiors.

Your home is your sanctuary. It is also a reflection of your personality; it not only showcases your aesthetic tastes, it also reflects your personality and captures your dreams and passions. Hence, it should not only be aesthetic in its décor, it must be functional as well. Your home is a place where peace and comfort reign but is also a place where you can work with ease. Remember that a beautiful home is a blend of all that is beautiful, practical yet stylish.

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We Are Bhramari Modular Kitchen & Interior

Our motto is “Give Quality and Reliability and Gain Trust and Satisfaction”.

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To get something unique done with our comprehensive assortment of exclusive home interior solutions with an artistic appeal and efficient space management.

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With Your creativity along with the help of our design experts. There are various stunning designs to choose from range of traditional and modern spaces.

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Our design experts are here to advise and assist you in all your interior solution requirements. They are here to help make your vision into reality.

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BHRAMARI, by combining its rich experience and state-of-the-art technology can help you create your haven where beauty and functionality exist in complete harmony.


Modular Kitchen

The kitchen is the central hub of activity in every home.

If you cook, then you will be particular about where everything is stored and placed in your kitchen. The kitchen is often one of the major areas of the house that every one considers when they plan to build a new house because it is one area that needs a lot to planning. Needless to say, at “Bhramari”, kitchen interiors form a major area of focus of our interior design.


Bed Room

A great bedroom is a place to retreat after a long day’s work, stretch yourself and relax, and recharge for the coming day.

Hence, your bedroom must only be a welcoming room; it also needs to be versatile. Ensuring a peaceful and relaxed mood, harmony within you as well as allowing you to function with ease is what differentiates a designer bedroom from a usual one. As a result, the interior design of the bedroom is extremely important not only to provide that instant feel of relaxation and comfort but also versatile in function.


Living Room

Living room design is a great way to enhance the face of your home.

In any home, whether it is an independent bungalow or an apartment, a living room is the one which dominates the layout of inside rooms. If you were to plot out a small sketch of your home plan, you will see that the maximum amount of space is allocated to your living room. Moreover, since the living room is the first room that a guest enters, it is also the first impression of the house and is also first reflection of the aesthetic taste of the owner, it is very important to design the living room appropriately.

Why choose us

for your next building and interior design project

Extensive combined knowledge and experience of our team ensure we have the nous to create innovative and stylish solutions for your home, workplace or holiday rental. Whatever the project, our job is to find the right solution.

We listen to our clients and create a personalised design solution that is tailored to you. We want you to love the end result and will work with you to ensure you are more than happy with the outcome.

It all comes down to the details and our team are there to ensure all the finer points are taken care of, so you don’t need to worry about them, giving you peace of mind.

Some Of The Reasons For Shifting To A Modular Kitchen Are As Follows - Assembled easily, Customized design, Attractive looks, Saves space, Maximized storage, Convenient.

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