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Study room
Study room/reading room ambience has a science behind it that helps the readers in the room to concentrate better. This bookworm room is all about solitude and elegance where the reader feels relaxed and is able to concentrate without being disturbed. While a study room is a place to study and work, it can also be built to showcase elegance and beauty.
The chairs and table are important pieces of furniture for study room. They must be comfortable and stylish as well. Apart from the study chairs and table, it can include other accessories like book cases or bookshelves that help you store your books, which are indeed priceless. Book cases not only are essential for preserving books, they can also act as shelves where photos, memorabilia and other artifacts of elegance can be added. 
Wood has been of the primary choice of furniture and this holds good for the book cases as well. They can be designed in various sizes, shapes and finishes. A bookcase is also a fine example of craftsmanship and gives a fresh look to the interior of a room.
Lighting in the study room should be planned and designed carefully to avoid strain on the eyes and help you to concentrate on the study material. It should be designed in such a way that the lighting falls directly on the open page. The study room should be refreshing and comfortable in natural light too. 
The color of the walls and room are other crucial elements in a study room. Go for a gentle and refreshing shade such as soft blues, greens and mauves which are cool and restful.  Pinks and yellow will add more warmth. Creamy and white are undoubtedly claiming and elegant.
Apart from this, have you considered a recreation room i.e. a combination of study room as well as leisure time and relaxation room, especially if you are fond of reading and giving yourself  some private time. And with most couples working nowadays, there is always some or the other office work that you can’t postpone to the next day. So get all your paper work complete and enjoy your favorite novel with “Bhramari’s” hot and latest study room decorating ideas.
“Bhramari’s” designs for a study room will not only be elegant, relaxing yet helping you to concentrate on your work, they will always be user friendly, so that you require minimum effort to arrange things.  While designing study room interiors, we take many factors into consideration like number of staffs, style of the company, lighting, specific needs etc. We undertake works for industries and office workstations as well.