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Modular kitchen
The kitchen is the central hub of activity in every home. If you cook, then you will be particular about where everything is stored and placed in your kitchen. The kitchen is often one of the major areas of the house that every one considers when they plan to build a new house because it is one area that needs a lot to planning. Needless to say, at “Bhramari”, kitchen interiors form a major area of focus of our interior design. Since, in every home, it is the kitchen that gives energy for the family, in order to make it more energetic and beautiful, we at “Bhramari” pay special attention to kitchen design to make it more energetic and beautiful, yet easy to work and clean and with ample space.
As far back as1992 when people were not familiar with modular kitchens, “Bhramari” had started making its first state-of-the-art kind of modular kitchens. That’s why today we are emerging as the finest modular kitchen provider equipped with knowledge, rich experience and latest technology.  In order to create these kitchens, we use superior quality hardware that not only guarantees a stylish look but a smooth finish and are sturdy. The idea is to create kitchens that reduce fatigue, and make cooking a pleasure.
BHRAMARI has specialized in providing modular kitchen concepts which suit your lifestyle. It begins from U-Shaped to L-Shaped and Parallel to Island. We are very well experienced and technically equipped to assist you to decide which type is best suited in the overall set up.
While designing kitchen cabinets BHRAMARI considers safety and hygiene and the cabinets are covered will be covered from all sites so that the small insects cannot enter. Our experience and technology also help us to create kitchen interiors that offer a stylish look but are also spacious, easy to use and easy to maintain.
We develop kitchen cabinets from BWP (Boiling Water Poof) plywood, solid seasoned wood and with 304 graded Stainless Steel accessories. We provide a range of finishes to choose from ranging from Post-formed to Edge-banded and Membrane to G-profile. We offer an array of shades, patterns and textures to give a wide choice of accessories to make your kitchen more user-friendly.
The accessories used by Bhramari are internationally trusted brands. We use stainless steel accessories from Cuicina Products, and soft-close draw sliders from Blum or Haffle, Germany. The Hardware can also be from KAFF, Italy as per customer’s requirement.