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Living room
Living room design is a great way to enhance the face of your home. In any home, whether it is an independent bungalow or an apartment, a living room is the one which dominates the layout of inside rooms. If you were to plot out a small sketch of your home plan, you will see that the maximum amount of space is allocated to your living room.
Moreover, since the living room is the first room that a guest enters, it is also the first impression of the house and is also first reflection of the aesthetic taste of the owner, it is very important to design the living room appropriately.
Depending on your taste, the walls of the living room can be soft and pastel colored or it could be spicy with rich colors. The living room also gives the opportunity to play with light effects and textures on walls. 
More often than not, the television becomes the focal point of the living room. This is great if you spend a lot of your time watching TV, but not so good if you want to make your living room multi-functional. Some people have the luxury of having a family room, where they keep the television and leave the living room for more formal occasions and entertaining. Whatever the case, the living room is often the room in which people judge our design taste! 
So the living room should satisfy both the aesthetic and functional expectations of your family, what you are interested in, your collections, your artwork, and your travels, all the things that make your living room feel like home and comfortable to you. It should house all the things that you love to have around you.
“Bhramari”can help you design your living room to make it more lively, pleasant and inviting to you and your guests. Living rooms in the house are for entertaining guests, to relax and read a book, watch TV or a movie, listen to music and more.
Bhramari’s use of superior quality wood and advanced equipments help you to giving your living room the sophistication and style that it calls for. Using the best wood ensures that the furniture, the flooring, the walls and accessories and done to perfect finish. Depending on your taste, the furniture can also be made of different types of wood. Moreover, Bhramari closely studies and understands your taste and expectations and can thus color the walls accordingly to give a highly aesthetic finish. Bhramari’s experience with wood crafting can also be used to your advantage to create chest of drawers, tables and TV stands that aesthetically blend with each other to give your living room a touch of fine art.