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Dining hall
The dining room is quite the place to impress your guests and delegates. It is also a place where formality and informality sit together comfortably to enjoy a happy, conversation filled breakfast, luncheon or dinner.
Apart from a dining table and chairs, which form the basic furniture, there are many accessories that can be added depending on the space that is available. Small-size dining room will look cramped with heavy furniture, dark walls and heavy curtains. On the contrary, if you have planned a large space for your dining room, which depends on how many guests often you entertain, then sparse furniture will look empty. So, before getting your dining room designed, plan these detains and you can select the furniture and the accessories like wine racks accordingly to enhance the mood.
That apart, the design of your dining room will also depend on the style that you are comfortable with. If you like a formal type, then a heavy wooden table with a special finish and fine china cabinets can be chosen. In comparison, for the lounge, you can decide on a round glass table and a colorful rug to complement your dining room. While adequate lighting is important, lighting that is too loud can reflect from the plates and cutlery and cause a glare. Crystal chandeliers are a great choice for formal rooms while generic lamp may be suitable for your lounge is the best.
Whatever the style that you decide, you must ensure that there is plenty of space around the table so that you and your guests have enough space to move around. A cramped dining hall definitely looks messy.
For the walls, you can use either traditional colors like a rich tone of cream or go for warm colors like reds, oranges and yellows for a formal look. A wooden floor will further add to the glamour, with which you can choose matching wooden furniture for the dining room décor. 
Dining rooms is also one of the rooms that is keeps drifting in and out of fashion. Formerly having a separate dining room was something special. Now, the open plan dining area seems to be in fashion. It means that you can move the furniture around with much more ease.
Some people love to have an area rug under the table to define the dining space. This works well when you have an open plan dining space, others love, to include an elaborate chandelier at the center of the table or others more subtle pendant lighting. 
Whatever type of dining room you wish to have “Bhramari” can design and execute them well enough, satisfying your demands.