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Bed room
A great bedroom is a place to retreat after a long day’s work, stretch yourself and relax, and recharge for the coming day. Hence, your bedroom must only be a welcoming room; it also needs to be versatile. Ensuring a peaceful and relaxed mood, harmony within you as well as allowing you to function with ease is what differentiates a designer bedroom from a usual one. As a result, the interior design of the bedroom is extremely important not only to provide that instant feel of relaxation and comfort but also versatile in function.
The main aspects of the bedroom consist of various things like the color of your bedroom walls, the flooring, your bed and your bedroom furniture which includes a wardrobe, bedside tables & set of drawers. By judiciously using the space available, it is possible to create a bedroom and avoid cluttering. Since, the bedroom furniture such as the wardrobe and drawers are important components, they must be crafted with care to add flair as well as improve the ease of use and provide maximum storage space. 
But that is not all that make a great designer bedroom. Your bedroom also needs to do more than just serve the need for a place to sleep. By providing space for reading, studying, talking on the phone, watching TV and using the computer, it can become highly functional too. Consequently, it is very crucial that each component that is added in to your bedroom not only increases the aesthetic appeal but also helps you relieve the stress and tensions of the whole day.
Therefore, bedrooms require well-planned wardrobes with plenty of storage, dresser units, chest of drawers and a study or computer table all of which make your bedroom a multi-functional.  
“Bhramari” can assist you in creating great designer bedrooms that fulfills to all the functions listed above and make it an aesthetically appealing comfort zone to relax and recharge.
While designing bedrooms, “Bhramari” will make sure that the rooms are cozy and restful and avoid bright colors. Bright colors won't induce sleep. On the other hand, neutral and pastel shades not only keep the bedroom just bright enough but also add a soothing touch to your eye and mind, and so we choose cool colors for bedrooms.
Some of our clients, especially those who work long hours and sleep late want their bedrooms to be dark even in the day. In such cases, we put dark curtains. Deep colored cot and wardrobes against light colored wall give a dark look.Thus, when you choose “Bhramari”, you get to choose master craftsmen who design great rooms keeping your tastes and needs in mind.
Also, “Bhramari” will study your needs and likes and dislikes and help you to design a well-planned, great looking bedroom with well-planned bedroom accessories like wardrobes with plenty of storage, dresser units, chest of drawers and a study or computer table, which makes your bedroom a multitasking center.